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Mas Ketchup
Mas Ketchup (2010)
The ultimate puzzle game that's good for your brains. For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
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pakoon 3 icon
Help the unfortunate chicks escape the maze. For iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and Windows.
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KUMOON! (2005)
A cool chick with three weapons and a bad attitude. What more can you ask for...
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HiddenLynx (2005)
Chinese chess game with life-like board and pieces. Wins me every time. Simple and relaxing.
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PAKOON! 2.Many (2003)
Final game in the Pakoon trilogy. Imagine snowboarding with cars! Includes multiplay and cool cars.
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PAKOON! v1.ONE (2002)
Most ambitious of the Pakoon games.Deliver pizzas on an almost infinite landscape. Includes scene editor and more!
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Pakoon 0.03a (2001)
First game in the Pakoon trilogy. Drive around on an island with a special flower car with helicopter rotor and a jet engine!
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Pakoon source code (2004)
The complete source code for all the three Pakoon games is available for download. C++/Visual Studio.
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The games are my channel to creativity and freedom. I have coded many small games during my life. The Pakoon trilogy is my most ambitious creation but the recent addition, called Kumoon is the one that I love.

My photograph homepage includes portraits, landscapes and other photos. Check the visual side of me.
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Wooden 4x5 Camera

I built a traditional wooden view camera in search of razor sharp images. See how it's done and what it looks like.
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Photographs are close to my heart. I enjoy strong black and white photographs done with traditional methods.

MOPED Demo (2004)
Demo that was introduced at the Assembly'04 party demonstrates the MOPE physics engine I made.
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Physics Engine
I've moved the development of the MOPE physics engine under the wings of my company, www.azila.fi

Physics engine is one of my most recent interests. I created a rigid body dynamics engine that I have successfully used in two productions. You can download it for free. See the MOPE homepage for more information.

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